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Do Volunteers Have an Impact on your Bottom Line? Of Course they do!

Money Tree Statistics Canada reported, in 2010, that volunteers contributed the number of hours equivalent to filling 1.1 million full time jobs. The Corporation for National and Community Service in the United States of America reports that, in one state alone, over 6 million volunteers contributed over 563 million hours of service. If you, or your organization, didn’t have volunteers to count on, how many paid positions would you have to fill? Can you afford to fill those positions?

Fundraising and organized events are also reported as being the most common activities volunteers take part in. Costs associated with organizing and supervising events, in which volunteers contribute their time, can be steep on their own. Imagine if the activities handled by volunteers needed to be handled by paid workers.

The Corporation for National and Community Service in the United States of America also reports fundraising (and selling items to raise money) as the top volunteer activity as well. One state, alone, reported volunteers having helped raise $86.5 million.

Shell-Lee Wert, Executive Director of Community Care for South Hastings said this; “In the not-for-profit world of community support services, volunteers are a critical part of our life. In 2018 CCSH involved almost 400 volunteers in the delivery of our services to the seniors in our community. Those wonderful volunteers supplied 29,932 hours of assistance, which translates to $419,048 (at minimum wage) to our coffers. If I were to take into account the amount of money they also help to fundraise, it would exceed the dollars we receive from our funders. In summary, volunteers are invaluable. As a community support service agency, CCSH is completely reliant on the generosity of our volunteers to actually deliver our services to our clients. The majority of the staffing complement are referred to as Coordinators because that is their primary function. With only 11 paid staff and two offices to run it is very obvious that we are not physically delivering 43,000 meals per year or driving 220,886 kilometres to ensure seniors get to their medical appointments. Without our volunteers there would be no direct service provision.”

Are You Worried About Where Healthcare is Going Too?

Money Tree There are many hot topics surrounding healthcare these days and there’s no lack of news coverage for the changing landscape from government perspective for cost cutting. Healthcare organizations may have to rely more heavily on captivating a more robust volunteer audience while keeping administrative costs low for management of volunteers and scheduling hurdles. Are your costs being impacted?

Anyone in the healthcare field knows the value volunteers bring to the table on so many levels including economically and socially.

What a lot of people don’t know are the statistics. As noted on, “A report by the Points of Light Institute states that if volunteers were paid for the services they freely offer, the wages would amount to between $113 billion and $161 billion a year. The report also asserts that, in 2009, 63.4 million American volunteers donated 8.1 billion hours of service, amounting to $169 billion worth of work.” Those are astounding numbers that contribute to our many nonprofits and corporations including the healthcare field. Managing volunteers and their time can be overwhelming and time consuming. A lot of nonprofits, in particular, are using methods which can increase costs on their bottom line. Filling scheduled timeslots for different activities or tasks, while ensuring volunteers are happy and fulfilled with how they spend their time, is the main goal. Doing this keeps volunteers coming back and saves money that is needed in other areas of care.

We have an aging population – let’s keep their quality of life on the level they deserve!

David Townsend, the Executive Director of Southern Frontenac Community Services Corporation said this;
“Southern Frontenac Community Services relies on more than 200 actively engaged volunteers. We could not deliver even a fraction of our programs and services without our volunteers. As an example, we deliver Meals on Wheels. Our volunteers are integral to the food preparation, the packing of hampers and the delivery of those hampers to seniors in need, all with the support of 1 staff person. SFCSC also provides transportation for seniors to get to and from medical appointments, shopping needs and social occasions. Last year, over 7,000 rides were provided by about 30 actively engaged volunteer drivers, again with only one staff. Our volunteers are the reason why the seniors in our communities can stay in their own homes longer and later in life. To help us do this and keep our staffing as reasonable as we can, we rely on software to help us track clients, data, finances and records. It allows volunteers to schedule their own availability and ensures that we can find the balance between volunteer and client needs. Technology helps us track over 1,000 seniors who benefitted from well over 20,000 service interactions and with software that staff find easy to use in their daily work.”